img_5149Growing up in an old Georgian home in Ireland was where I first learned carpentry and plaster techniques. There was always some improvement that needed done. From reglazing the seventeen over seventeen windows, to painting, to laying stone pathways through the garden, that old house was a great classroom.

I packed up those skills and brought them with me to America in the 1980’s. I had the pleasure of working as the caretaker of the Colt Estate in Garrison, NY until my second son was born. Which left little space in that old carriage house and led me to purchase my first home, also in Garrison. After living in New York for several years and completely gut renovating two houses, I was offered a job in historical restoration in Savannah, GA. It was a difficult decision to turn down that work, but my family was growing roots in the Hudson Valley and so we decided to stay.

I have continued to pursue my passion of building, making, designing, and fixing. Nowadays I also spend time having a wee nosey through old barns and flea markets, scavenging unique pieces to be repurposed as lighting fixtures and furniture. My sons call it junk… I call it treasure!

Just look at these gorgeous ball and claw table legs! Do I know what I’m going to do with them? Nope! But does that stop me from buying them? Heck NO! They’re treasure!