Salvaged Headlight Table Lamp

One day last fall I was rummaging through a barn in Upstate New York and came across an old tractor headlamp. The two sections of the body were so rusted they had fused together, so it took me a very long time to pry apart. I had no idea what I was going to find inside or if it would even be possible to get this light in working order. Fortunately, once I saw the interior I knew it could be saved! It was a simple process to rewire, but figuring out how to get the glass in and out took some time. We sanded down the rust and gave the metal two coats of rust proof primer before the final black and orange finishes. The fixture is fitted with a marquee bulb which emits the perfect glow, and a black and tan houndstooth cord with a vintage style on/off switch. It was fitting to mount the fixture onto an antique piece of wood, so I scavenged the perfect piece, routed the edges, gave it a good sanding, stained and sealed it with some Howard’s Restor-A_Finish. We LOVE the stuff!


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