Vintage Localite Fostoria Light

I knew this work light was unique the minute I saw it in a vendor’s stall at The Elephant’s Trunk Flea. It was the end of the day and everyone had started to pack up their trucks as the weather had turned cold and gray clouds were quickly approaching. I figured I’d have one more look around before heading home. Just as I was about to give up… there I saw it, laying on the grass, covered in decades of dust. After a quick inspection it was hard to hide my excitement while I haggled with the vendor. He was clearly eager to get home and didn’t give up much of a fuss to settle on a price after I’d pointed out that the toggle switch was broken. This was such a rare find!  Near perfect condition, original electrics and stickers intact. Quite the trophy for the day!

After getting the light back to the workshop, I proceeded to clean out all of the years of dust. The green paint was so much brighter than I’d expected and the finish nearly impeccable. I then fixed the toggle switch and plugged it in to be sure everything was in proper working order. Once that was sorted out, I decided to make a sturdy base from antique oak. It seemed to me that this light would be more user friendly as a table lamp than left as it was originally intended (which meant it would have to be permanently mounted to a wall or table.) The oak base was a bit of a challenge. It had to be small enough to fit comfortably on a table without taking up too much room, and it had to be heavy enough to counter balance the weight of the articulating arm. My solution was to insert a piece of railway steel I had previously scavenged into the top of the wood block and hammer it into place. It added to the great industrial feel of this piece.




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